Sloooooow Roooooooll

If you’re ever in Detroit on a Monday, see if there’s a Slow Roll bike ride scheduled. There’s no better way to see the city up close than to ride a bike around, and Detroit is flat as a pancake, so don’t worry. No steep uphills, only comfortable cruising.

But what is Slow Roll, you say?

What started as a small bike ride with just a dozen friends in 2010, is now a (generally) weekly event engaging hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people. As the name may imply, the ride is slow and laidback, and is suited for anyone. People from all ages and backgrounds come together for the love of rolling on bikes in all forms and shapes. Here, you’ll notice that a bike isn’t a bike! It really is a spectacle, and well worth checking out.

Slow Roll is arranged every Monday except on or around holidays. Check their website for the upcoming schedule and location. The ride rolls through different neighborhoods every week, goes for a couple of hours, is well organized, and patrolled by the police. It is chaotic, some people are playing loud music from boom boxes; there’s weed smoke in the air, but people are there to enjoy themselves and overall it’s a family-friendly event.

I have never actually attended a Slow Roll myself, but I have seen them around town multiple of times. Last Monday they started at Eastern Market, so I went out there to take some pictures and take in the colorful buzz. Good fun!

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