An Adventurer’s Guide to Detroit

mural in detroit
Mural by Hygienic Dress League

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Are you looking for an out of the ordinary place to explore? Do you enjoy underground culture, experimental art and private parties open to everyone?

Then Detroit is the perfect place for you to visit.

The Comeback City

After decades of poverty and abandonment, it seems like Detroit is finally getting back up on its feet, with big investments transforming the blighted city into a polished, bustling metropolis. Still, the gentrification hasn’t yet reached far out of downtown, leaving an abundance of neighborhoods still featuring Detroit’s unique style of quirkiness mixed with genuine warmth and friendliness.

Why You Should Go Right Now

In other words, now’s the time to go. While it still has some character and charm, and before it’s turned into just another big American city, with stressed-out young professionals and high-and-fast-fashion stores dominating the streets.

My Guide to Detroit

I recently wrote an article for Travelista Club, featuring a guide to Detroit made specifically for urban explorers. Click the link below to check it out!

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The Art is Blooming in Detroit

Mural by Greg Mike

From scrap metal sculpture gardens to world-class museums, Detroit has a strong creative energy and an extensive artistic history. A mix of old-time pioneers who never gave up on the city, and fresh artistic blood streaming in to take advantage of the new opportunities and reasonable living costs, makes the art scene bustle like never before.

The healing power of art

Much of the art of Detroit is defined by the philosophy of making the most out of what you have. A lot of Detroit's people didn't have much during the decline of the city during the last decades. The struggles didn't kill the artistic spirit, on the contrary, for some people it reinforced it. You will see signs of this a lot throughout the city, from huge outdoor installations built up by urban debris, that stands out like jewels in scarred neighborhoods and create safe spaces, to majestic street art that shows people's strong pride for Detroit.

Amazing museums

And then there's the big world-renowned museum the Detroit Institute of Art, which holds one of the largest and most important art collections in the US, with more than 65,000 artworks displayed in 100 galleries. Another big one is MOCAD - Museum Of Contemporary Art Detroit, which features contemporary visual, literary, music and performing arts.

Read more about art in Detroit

Do you want to read more about the blossoming art scene of Detroit? To check out my in-depth article for the Norwegian art magazine KUNST, click the link below! Bear in mind that the article is originally written in Norwegian, and that you need a subscription to read the full article.


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